What We Do

Through its network of artist-centered partners, NPN/VAN’s programs support the creation and presentation of new work in a context of community engagement.

Supporting Creativity and Engaging Communities through Touring

One of NPN/VAN’s primary objectives is to support artists’ ability to move their work around the country and the world, giving them the opportunity to engage new audiences and communities. It does this through subsidies to the NPN and VAN Partners who chose the artists they present.

A second key objective is to facilitate the development of new work by supporting NPN Partners’ ability to commission fresh, exciting creations and collaborations. At this time, the Creation and Development Fund is only available to NPN Partners who are presenters of live experiential artistic exchange.

Building the Capacity of the Field

NPN strengthens the management and community engagement capacities of NPN/VAN Partners and the artists they present.

While NPN/VAN works to increase the skills and competencies of individual artists and presenters, it is also engaged in a larger, field-wide effort to build knowledge, connections and impact through regular face-to-face convenings.

Exercising Leadership Locally and Nationally

As a matter of cultural policy, NPN/VAN collaborates with other organizations through strategic partnerships and participation in national service organizations. These efforts help develop new markets and audiences for artists, leverage services to benefit the field, and increase artistic pluralism. NPN/VAN highlights the activities of NPN/VAN Partners and artists through its publications, both in print and electronic.



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