VAN Program Criteria

VAN Partners have the visual arts at the core of their programs and mission, with exhibitions and residencies part of the organization’s primary activities. Other criteria include:

  • A two-year history of presenting national visual artists.
  • Commitment to host / exhibit visual artists from outside the organization’s geographic region (at least 100 miles outside of the VAN Partner’s community).
  • Commitment to community engagement; VAN Residencies must include a minimum of one public presentation / exhibition and one community activity per residency week.
  • The organizational and financial capacity for presenting national work and matching NPN’s fee structure. See page 16 for details on the fee structure.
  • Commitment and ability to fully participate in the NPN community. A benefit of being a VAN Partner is the relationship with NPN. VAN Partners and supported artists are included in NPN Annual Meetings and professional development convenings.

Note for Artists
If you are interested in being supported by the Visual Artists Network, please review the VAN Partner profiles and initiate direct contact with the VAN Partner(s) that seem well-matched with your work.

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