What to See

Click here for details on the Live & On Stage Performance Showcases!!!: npn_perfShowcase_eflyer

One of the most important aspects of the Annual Meeting is providing opportunities to see new work.

Each year during the Meeting, NPN highlights new work of diverse contemporary performing and visual artists in the US.

You will get to see performing art work in lots of places: during the special international showcase of Tokyo-based Faifai at the CAC on Thursday, during the LIVE & ON STAGE performance showcases at the Civic Theatre on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, screened during the MEDIA SLAM and described at the “IN THE WORKS” session.

The Visual Artists Network (VAN), NPN’s initiative for touring visual artists, will kick off the Meeting with an Opening Reception at the Contemporary Arts Center.

Live streaming returns to the Annual Meeting
NPN is continuing its collaboration with #NewPlay TV!, a collective media outlet for live events and performances relevant to the new play sector, in order to live stream the Annual Meeting performances. #NewPlay TV! is an interactive TV outlet that streams any discipline of performance in order to advance the conversation around new work. #NewPlay TV! is LIVE, which means like the performance it is a one-time only event, only it reaches a wider national and international audience.

Special International Showcase of Tokyo-based Faifai @ CAC
Thursday December 12 @ 8:00pm

Seating is free and for Annual Meeting attendees only, but capacity is limited; Tickets will be issued at registration on a first-come first-served basis.

Live & On Stage Performance Showcases @ the Civic Theatre
Friday December 13 @ 6:00pm
Saturday December 14 @ 3:30pm


Friday December 13 @ 6:00pm (Show order below)

  • Kataalyst Alcindor, Untitled
    Spoken Word, New Orleans
  • ArtSpot Productions, Go Ye Therefore
    Theater, New Orleans
  • Tsunami Dance, In Between
    Dance, New Orleans
  • Michaela Harrison, The Healing Room
    Music, New Orleans
  • Sean Dorsey Dance, The Secret History of Love
    Dance, San Francisco

Saturday December 14 @ 3:30pm (Show Order Below)

  • Antonio Garza, Men in Uniform
    Theater, New Orleans
  • Nejla Yatkin (NY2 Dance), Oasis: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Arabs & the Middle East
    Dance, Washington, DC
  • Mudlark Puppeteers, The Mysterious Axeman’s Jazz
    Puppetry, New Orleans
  • Mondo Bizarro, Cry You One
    Theater, New Orleans
  • Holcombe Waller, Surfacing
    Multi-Disciplinary, Portland, OR


Katrina Andry, New Orleans, LA, Mammy Complex: Unfit Mommies Make for Fit Nannies, 2011, Digital media and color woodcut reduction, 40″ x 60″

VAN Visual Art Exhibition @ Contemporary Arts Center
Thursday December 12 
@ 6:00pm Opening Reception

Featuring artwork by:

  • Castillo, Installation
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Eric Gottesman, Photography/Video
    Washington, D.C./Cambridge, MA
  • Katrina Andry, Printmaking, New Orleans, LA

Who gets to perform and exhibit at the Annual Meeting?

Creation Fund Recipients
Artists who have been co-commissioned by NPN Partners through Creation Fund support over the last three years are considered for the national performances. Additionally, artists are selected on the basis of the following:

  • Their Creation Fund work has premiered by the end of the previous fiscal year
  • They have never been showcased at a previous Annual Meeting
  • Feedback from NPN Partners and their co-commissioners
  • Feasibility within the capacity of the venue, the Annual Meeting budget, and the NPN contract (ideally 7 pp or less)
  • Tourability within the NPN
  • Diverse representation
  • Quality of work

The selection process includes review of stated criteria, proposals submitted by artists, media and press packs as well as panel’s personal knowledge.

New Orleans Performance Showcase Artists
New Orleans Showcase Artists are nominated and selected by New Orleans-based committees. Curatorial criteria include:  readiness to tour, a mix of disciplines, genres, generations, ethnic and cultural representation, as well as the quality of work.

VAN Visual Art Exhibit Artists
Artists who have participated in the VAN program in the past three years and New Orleans-based visual artists were invited to submit proposals. Artists were encouraged to propose projects that would best present their work. Participating artists will be engaged under a VAN Exhibition Residency contract and will serve a week-long residency at the Annual Meeting.

ArtBursts are 5-minute low- or no-tech “pop-up” performances that are selected from the pool of interested registered Artists. Look for ArtBursts throughout the Meeting! Here are this year’s ArtBurst artists (schedule TBA):

  • Emanuelee Bean
  • Katie Ka Vang
  • Soomi Kim
  • Gary Kubota
  • Meryl Murman
  • New Noise
  • Shani Peters