Legion Arts

Legion Arts
1103 Third Street, SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Phone: (319) 364-1580
Fax: (319) 362-9156

URL:  www.legionarts.org
Email: info@legionarts.org

Legion Arts began in the 1980s as the Drawing Legion, an art and performance company producing the original work of Mel Andringa and F. John Herbert. Since 1991, the organization has been known as Legion Arts and been based at CSPS, a 120 year-old former Czech social hall in the New Bohemia district of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Legion Arts functions as a regional contemporary art center, presenting as many as 20 exhibits and 70 live performance events annually. Through partnerships, Legion Arts is involved with advocacy, education and community development initiatives.

Independent, non-profit and fiercely multi-disciplinary, Legion Arts is a vigorous and varied grassroots presenter, tending to exhibit emerging visual artists or established artists whose work is moving in a new direction. We are able to bring in regional, national and, on occasion, international artists for residencies and special projects. We have had over 200 exhibits at CSPS, our primary exhibition space; nearly a third of those have been site-specific. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis, and we’re always happy to hear from artists we’re not familiar with. For starters, send an artist’s statement and work sample (old school slides, CD/DVD, website), then update us regularly about what you’re doing.

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