The Yard

The Yard, Inc.
PO Box 405
Chilmark, MA 02535

Phone: (508) 645-9662


The Yard exists to support and promote contemporary performing artists in their creative processes, with a special emphasis on providing space, time, and financial resources through innovative, extended artist residencies in dance and related arts disciplines. In addition to enhancing the quality the Vineyard’s cultural life, the Yard seeks to place artists in active roles within the Vineyard community, as well as in similar partnerships within New England and across the country.

The Yard is built around the concept of group artistic residencies:  a) creation residencies, b) community participation residencies, and c) presentation residencies which imbed artists in the school system, YMCA and other organizations.

The Yard serves the community of Martha’s Vineyard, which despite stereotypes, is for the most part non-urban, rural, and sparse, with a diverse working and middle class community. The Yard both presents and commissions work.