Sandglass Theater

Sandglass Theater
PO Box 970
Putney, VT 05346

Phone:  (802) 387-4051
Fax: (802) 387-2228


Sandglass is a touring company, dedicated to the use of the puppet as a theatrical medium, often in collaboration with other artists and composers, to explore identity, memory, and relationship to place. Our mission is to present, develop, and support innovative theatrical work, to provide our audience with a broad interpretation of theater, and to encourage dialog across ages and cultures. We are interested in other media, current issues, and a range of ensemble theater forms and processes. We have been presenting guest artists to our community since 1996, including a variety of annual series in our 60 seat barn theater, and a biennial international puppet festival in diverse local venues. Located in a small village in southern Vermont, we serve a predominantely white rural extended community of about 30,000. There is strong interest in multicultural, urban, and world affairs; much of our programming is focused on current issues around multicultural identity and diversity. We present an annual theme based series, Voices of Community, which develops an extended dialog over several weeks around cultural identities.