Performance Space 122 (P.S. 122)

Performance Space 122 (P.S.122)
67 West Street Unit 315
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (212) 477-5829
Fax: (212) 353-1315


Performance Space 122 is one of New York’s ultimate destinations for cutting- edge theatre, dance, music, live art and multi-media. PS122 is dedicated to supporting and presenting artists who explore innovative form and provocative content and who rigorously challenge the boundaries of contemporary performance. PS122 is committed to a steadfast search for pioneering artists from a diversity of cultures, nations and beliefs.

For thirty years, Performance Space 122 has been a hub for contemporary performance and an active member of the East Village, as well as the wider cultural community in N.Y.C. and across the globe. In just the past 5 years, under the curatorial vision of Artistic Director Vallejo Gantner, PS122 has opened the curtain on more than 2,500 performances, welcomed more than 125,000 visitors and supported the work of more than 2,000 artists, performers, choreographers, playwrights, directors and designers. Performance Space 122 passionately advocates for U.S. artists in New York and across the globe. Our organization and the artists we present are reclaiming their relevance to wider social discourse by engaging artists, audiences and other community leaders in cultural, economic and environmental debates about what it means to live in contemporary society.

House Capacity: 135

Disciplines: Dance, Performance Art, Theatre, Music, Multi-Media, Puppetry, Spoken Word, Multi-Discipline