Pangea World Theater

Pangea World Theater
711 West Lake Street, Suite 101
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phone: (612) 822-0015
Fax: (612) 871-1070


Pangea World Theater creates and presents international, multi-disciplinary theater that illuminates the human condition, celebrates cultural differences and promotes human rights. Pangea World Theater begins from the fundamental paradigm of diversity in the world. Our work expresses this reality and our organization advances this possibility consciously. Pangea World Theater is a progressive space for transformation in which relevant issues such as race, gender, ethnicity, human rights, politics and social justice form an important backbone for our work. As we begin our twentieth year in the Twin Cities, we are in a position to reflect, assess and evaluate our artistic practice and body of work. This body of work as well as the connections, alliances and dialogues that arise out of the work has arisen as a direct response and consequence of the demographic shifts locally and nationally.

House Capacity: 117

Disciplines: Performance Art, Theatre, Spoken Word, Multi-Discipline