Links Hall

Links Hall
3111 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618-6409

Phone: (773) 281-0824
Fax: (773) 281-0824


Links Hall encourages artistic innovation and public engagement by maintaining a facility and providing flexible programming for the research, development and presentation of new work in the performing arts. Links Hall presents a wide-ranging program of local, national and international dance and performance, and provides important services to artists. Established as a laboratory for the creation and presentation of dance, multi-disciplinary work now infuses our programming. The intent is for artists and audiences to develop enthusiasm, lively discussion and context for dance and performance as complex and meaningful cultural expression.

Since its inception, Links Hall has presented literally thousands of local, national and international artists, and thousands of artists have used our space to create, rehearse, teach, explore and grow. Fundamental to our mission is provision of inexpensive space for artists to rehearse, teach and present new work. Our programming committee (which includes strong artist representation) sets strategy and direction for the artistic development of Links Hall, and selects guest curators and artists for commissions and residencies.

House Capacity: 62

Disciplines: Dance, Performance Art, Music, Theatre, Puppetry, Spoken Word, Multi-Discipline