John Michael Kohler Arts Center

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John Michael Kohler Arts Center
608 New York Avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081

The John Michael Kohler Arts Center encourages and supports innovative explorations in the arts, fostering an exchange between a national community of artists and the public to realize the power of the arts. The Arts Center serves as laboratory for the creation of new works, nurturer of interdisciplinary initiatives, originator of exhibitions, presenter of performing arts, educator, community builder, and advocate for arts issues, functioning as a catalyst for ideas that will impact the lives of artists and public.

The Arts Center presents a variety of performing arts disciplines including contemporary dance, dance theatre, world music, and contemporary theatre by local, national, and international artists. As a multidisciplinary arts complex, the Arts Center offers artist-in-residence programs for the performing arts (as part of the Footlights series) as well as residencies in visual and performing arts as part of a program called Connecting Communities.