Highways Performance Space & Gallery

Highways Performance Space & Gallery
1651 Eighteenth Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (310) 453-1755
FAX: (310) 453-4347

URL: www.highwaysperformance.org
Email: admin@highwaysperformance.org

Highways promotes the development of contemporary, socially involved artists and art forms. Its mission is implemented through three core programs: the performance space, workshop/lab program and two galleries. Annually, Highways co-presents over 250 performances by solo performance artists, theatre ensembles, dance companies, spoken word artists, new music artists, inter- disciplinary and mixed media artists; mounts contemporary visual art exhibitions with work that explores the boundaries between performing and visual art; commissions and premieres work by outstanding local performing artists and organizes special events and festivals. In addition, Highways offers residency and educational programs through the Performance Lab.

The performance space is curated by Artistic Director Leo Garcia with Associate Artistic Director Patrick Kennelly. Highways balances a strong commitment to nurturing often-ignored community voices with a willingness to critique and assess that community. Our vision embraces art that addresses challenging topics and issues within and between communities in the interest of greater understanding, social justice, individual and group empowerment and unity.

House Capacity: 90

Disciplines: Performance Art, Dance, Theatre, Spoken Word, Music, Puppetry, Outer-Disciplinary, Multi-Discipline