Fusebox Festival
2023 E. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78702-4511

Phone:  (512) 800-3066
Fax: (973) 867-9749

URL: fuseboxfestival.com
Email:  brad@fuseboxfestival.com
Fusebox champions innovative works of art across a variety of different mediums. The Fusebox Festival is an annual contemporary hybrid-arts festival that takes place in Austin, TX each spring. The 2015 dates are April 1-12. The festival acts as a catalyst for new ideas, new artistic models, and approaches to help us engage with the issues and questions that define contemporary life.

Fusebox presents local, national, and international work, including theater, dance, music, literature, visual art, and everything in between. Most Fusebox presentations occur during the context of the festival, but some work is presented throughout the year. We are interested in creating a dynamic platform for conversation and ideas. We support artists who are pushing things and helping us re-imagine possibilities. Hybridity and the colliding of different perspectives/ viewpoints also play an important role in this discussion of “re-imagining.” Encountering different ideas outside of one’s immediate sphere is central to our understanding of creativity. To this end, we strive to create a space for different artists from different backgrounds (different disciplines/ geographies) to come together to share ideas and present work. Simultaneously, we’re also interested in using the festival as a mechanism to engage with place and community in interesting, meaningful new ways.