Contemporary Dance Theatre

Contemporary Dance Theater
1805 Larch Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224-2928

Phone: (513) 591-2557
Fax: (513) 591-1222


Contemporary Dance Theater was founded in 1972 as an organization to promote contemporary dance. Over the years its mission has taken on a more social aspect, now described in the phrase, “moving bodies, moving souls.” CDT feels this is the essence of contemporary dance. To accomplish this, CDT presents diverse dance and time arts, produces and assists the production of regional movement-based work and reaches out to the community by integrating art into community life.

Contemporary Dance Theater is first and foremost a dance presenter; however, since a number of companies are theater and dance companies, this encompasses a wide variety of artists/companies. The founder and artistic director, Jefferson James, chooses the artists from her knowledge of the field. She also attends conferences and showcases and views videos to make those choices. She encourages audience and board members to offer suggestions. A season is chosen to reflect the variety within the field, to present familiar as well as new artists and to challenge the audience with new ideas while keeping them eager for more.

House Capacity: 400

Discipline: Dance, Performance Art, Multi-Discipline