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NPN Annual Conference 2019

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Edisa Weeks, a multi-disciplinary artist and founder of DELIRIOUS Dances, is October’s featured artist. DELIRIOUS Dances seeks to erase the barriers between art and life, between performance space and audience space, and between mediums. Weeks speaks about the process of creating THREE RITES: Life, Liberty, Happiness, a seven-hour interdisciplinary interactive experience.


Linda Parris-Bailey

Watch Linda Parris-Bailey @ 2019 Creative Capital retreat!

At the 2019 Creative Capital Artist Retreat, Linda Parris-Bailey, Executive/Artistic Director of The Carpetbag Theatre, presented "Yankee Bajan," the story of migration, expatriation, and immigration stimulated by the current state of the state in the United States.

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A Layered Border

Daniela Lieja Quintanar reflects on her experiences during the 2019 NPN Mid-Year Meeting in San Diego and Tijuana including the concept and oppression of borders.


2019 Fall Development Awards 2019 Fall Development Awards

NPN announces Fall 2019 Development Fund recipients

Through the Fall 2019 Development Fund, the National Performance Network is pleased to announce it is awarding $45,000, and leveraging an additional $177,000, to further support six NPN Creation Fund projects that advance racial justice and cultural equity through the arts.

LANE TACtile Podcast

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Our LANE team has launched a podcast exploring practical tools and concepts designed to transform the arts and culture field toward equity and justice. Listen on Spotify, iTunes or Stitcher. 


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