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Portland Ovations

Since 1931, Portland Ovations has evolved from an all-volunteer, classical music organization into one of New England’s leading multi-disciplinary presenters. Ovations curates an annual season of 20–25 public performances; five to eight school-time performances; and more than 120 collaborative community and school-based education/outreach activities. Ovations supports artists from Maine and across the country in the creation of new work through regular co-commissioning. Ovations is committed to excellence and diversity of programming, bringing the enjoyment of the performing arts to the broadest possible audience and enhancing the understanding of our world’s cultural traditions. Our goal is to make the arts available to all who seek them, while promoting the importance of the arts in nourishing a vibrant, respectful community.

Artists are chosen for their artistic excellence but also for a body of work that enables Ovations to move offstage and into its community, allowing for meaningful interaction between artist and audience. Ovations uses an inclusive approach to programming to attain a season that is diverse in its offerings and geared toward various audiences. Staff, board, community partners and patrons all have some input on the decision, which is ultimately made by the executive director.

50 Monument Square, 2nd Floor
Portland, Maine
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Phone 207-773-3150

Aimée Petrin
Executive & Artistic Director

Laura Stauffer
Associate Director of Programming