Board Member
Artist and Consultant
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eyenga Bokamba

Eyenga Bokamba is an educator, visual artist, and arts administrator who previously served as the Executive Director of Intermedia Arts, a multifaceted community-based arts organization whose mission is to be a catalyst that builds understanding among people through art. Bokamba served as the chief development and fundraising officer, and she managed finances, oversaw the stability and growth of programs and community partnerships, and drove the organization’s focus on equity and inclusion. Prior to joining Intermedia Arts, Bokamba held a political appointment with Mayor Chris Coleman as the Executive Director of Sprockets, the City of Saint Paul’s out of school time network that serves over 20,000 youth. Bokamba is a 2006 recipient of a Bush Leadership Fellowship and is a practicing visual artist who is most drawn to abstraction as a means of expressing her perceptions of complex realities. Previously, Bokamba was the Youth Programs Manager at Pillsbury House, an arts-integrated social service agency where she was responsible for programming that advanced the social, emotional and cognitive development of youth in grades K–8. A certified language arts teacher, she taught in Hopkins School District for 13 years. She also served as Minnesota’s Youth Engaged in Service Ambassador for the Points of Light Foundation in Washington, D.C. and the National Youth Leadership Council in Minnesota, during which time she co-authored the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, the legislation from which AmeriCorps was developed. She earned her undergraduate degree and teaching certification from the University of Minnesota and a graduate degree from Harvard University.