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Frequently Asked Questions

How can an artist tour with NPN or VAN support?
There is no pre-selected roster of NPN or VAN artists. NPN/VAN Partners select individual artists and artists companies based on their own curatorial visions and community needs, with no influence from the NPN/VAN National Office. After reviewing the NPN/VAN Directory, particularly the curatorial statements, we suggest interested artists initiate direct contact with the NPN Partners or VAN Partners that seem well matched with their work.

Read more about NPN/VAN’s subsidy programs under the tab “What We Do.

What about the NPN/VAN Annual Conference?
As a network, NPN/VAN convenes its Partners twice a year for in-person conversations: at the NPN/VAN Annual Conference and at five Mid-Year Meetings (What We Do > Convenings). The meetings are co-hosted by NPN and VAN Partners and are located in their communities around the country. All NPN/VAN Partners are represented at the meeting, along with colleagues from other organizations and artists.

Artists who have toured on an NPN Performance Residency or VAN Exhibition Residency contract during the three previous years are invited to attend the Annual Conference. The selection of who attends is based on balancing several factors: discipline, region of the country, the number of previous Annual Conferences attended, etc. More details are available when the invitations are sent, usually about four months ahead of the Annual Conference.

And the Mid-Year Meetings?
The Mid-Year Meetings are for Partner organizations only; however, the day before the meeting, NPN typically holds a workshop for artists who are interested in touring. NPN Partners participate by adding their perspective as presenters. A packet of information is available at the workshop and for download.

Besides the Directory, what are other ways that NPN/VAN Partners find out about artists that are new to them?
That is where the “Network” comes in. At NPN/VAN convenings the Partners share information about artists they have discovered, already presented, or want to promote from their own communities. This is achieved through multiple opportunities, including (but not limited to) Live & On Stage performances,  the VAN Exhibition, media showcases, “In the Works” sessions, inclusion of local artists during the Annual Meeting, conversations over coffee or drinks at the bar….

How can I find out about international touring or exchanges?

On this website (What We Do > International Program), is a description of NPN’s International Program.  The section includes its own FAQ and a resource page listing other international programs and opportunities.  NPN’s International Program is only for performing artists/companies.

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