Tony Garcia

What the NPN has meant to me….and to El Centro Su Teatro

by Tony Garcia

The National Performance Network partners are like primos (cousins) who grow up together in different parts of the country. We gather at our Annual meetings which are like family gatherings. We marvel at the changes and challenges that each other has experienced. We all seem to be able to re-engage our relationship at exactly the point we last were together.

Su Teatro became a partner at a very early stage of our organizational development. We had been performing for years, but we were in a very early stage of institution building. Our maturation parallels that of the NPN. We were fortunate that there were others who were there to mentor us, and it gave us an opportunity to mentor others. My experience with NPN runs the gamut — presenter, performer, commissioner and board member, however the NPN has maintained a constant state of evolution and growth that keeps me guessing, keeps me growing and keeps me learning. The NPN remains an intersection of progressive art that struggles and challenges its membership to react to the world that is emerging. The Annual Meetings open my eyes and stimulate my senses. I come to be engaged — sometimes I leave frustrated, but never disappointed. Su Teatro has benefited greatly from our membership, we have learned much from our primos, and remain connected.

October 2010

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