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E-Newsletter / February 22, 2017

Posted: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 1:20 pm in E-Newsletters

The City of the Future

The Performing Americas delegation of NPN/VAN’s International Program visited Brasilia, Brazil to take part in the Cena Contemporanea International Festival. This multidisciplinary festival celebrated over two decades of presenting contemporary performance in the capital and annually hosts two weeks of activities in Brasilia and neighboring municipalities. The Festival’s mission is to develop a vibrant arts ecology in the Federal District region, while exposing audiences to pioneering tendencies in performing arts nationally and internationally. The city of Brasilia has long been called The City of the Future because of its modernist vision and centralizing design, and the delegation had a rewarding experience in this historically conceived urban environment.

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Pictured: National Museum of the Republic in Brasilia, designed by Oscar Niemeyer

Awards for PAP Creative Exchange 2016-17

Now in its 10th year, NPN/VAN is happy to announce 11 Creative Exchange awards to international performing arts exchanges as part of the Network’s International Program. The Creative Exchange is a component of NPN/VAN’s Performing Americas Program, and supports extended residencies and exploratory travel for performing artists, curators and designers throughout the hemisphere. Thus far, we have awarded support for 55 artist projects taking place at 47 different host sites, and we are pleased to add the following projects to this list of deeply impactful efforts.

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Pictured: Festival La Plataformance: Resistência em Rede, Sao Paulo, May, 2016, “Pesar” com Alexandre D’Angeli

The Light Across Waters

In November 2016, NPN/VAN Partners and staff took part in a week-long cultural adventure in the beautiful city of Kyoto, Japan. While there, they were introduced and reacquainted with Japanese partners and artists, and were inspired by the art and culture of Kyoto. This reflection from Sha Cage, curator at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, includes details on the Kyoto Experiment and concurrent events taking place in the United States.

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VAN Partner Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator Celebrates 20 Years

Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI) announced its 20 Year Anniversary Celebration, 20 Years Strong, in an expression of emotions, memory, pride and sincere gratitude to a community of givers and artists here and there – Miami and the Caribbean. From October 20 – 23, 2016, DVCAI activated Miami-Dade with art celebrations that brought artists and audiences together in thanksgiving for 20 years of support. Funds raised from the #20YearsStrong celebrations will support four artist residencies for the 2016-17 Season. Artists selected for the season are Asser St Val, Erman Gonzalez, Onajide Shabaka, Rosa Naday Garmendia and Sarah MK Moody – funded by WEGE Foundation. For details on all of the events, the raffle, and to join the celebration, visit or visit the Diaspora Vibe Facebook page at

Meet Addam Garrett, the new office manager at NPN/VAN 

Who is Addam Garrett? What is your position with NPN/VAN?

I am a witty, southern-accented gentleman from Alabama. That’s a brief description, but I consider myself to be a man that enjoys life and the beautiful opportunities it provides. My position is the office manager at NPN/VAN and I feel this position was created specifically for me. I get to assist in the daily operations of the organization and interact with Partners, artists, community members and other great people.

When you were a child, how did you envision adulthood for yourself? How similar is your current reality?

Let me see if I can remember that far back?! I can say that as a young’ in, I dreamed of traveling and being rich and my childhood dreams have come true. I have the luxury to travel as an adult to places all over the world and meet people that have become lifelong buds. As for riches, I have plenty of that too. I do not have monetary wealth, but my life is so full of joy, great family and friends who make me feel like the richest man in the world.

As a newcomer to New Orleans, what’s your favorite thing about the city or its culture so far?

There are so many things to love about New Orleans, but for me the best thing is every part of the city provides its own character and unique charm. It is not a fast-paced city, but offers everything you need, which works well with my lifestyle. I am enjoying taking in the unique southern living of New Orleans. The culture is inspiring, captivating and inviting to this newcomer. Working at NPN/VAN I also get a special view into some of the city’s hidden cultural treasures. And do not let me get started on the food — this man is satisfied daily!

What is your favorite part of your daily personal or work routine?

Coming into work brings me joy each day! I have worked in many environments, but working here at NPN/VAN has been eye opening, motivating and heartwarming. I grant that I have only been here a few months, but what makes this place special to me, aside from the work we do, are the happy spontaneous moments we share. It is a diverse, opinionated, supportive work family and a welcoming community of cultural workers in the building. I know why I love it so much, it reflects my life outside of the job. I can be me all day! How can you beat that?

What is something about you that people do not know?

I am a sentimental guy. I love to recognize the unique qualities of the people in my life. Birthdays are super important to me and that’s one way I show I care. One thing I have been doing for years is collecting shot glasses for my mom when I visit new places. It is not as if she drinks, but just a token to say I am thinking about her and a great big thank you.

What is your superpower?

I am a mind reader, but only if I could teleport. This skill was discovered by accident, but has done me well over the years. I do not let people know of this talent, but I feel it is time for my little secret to come out. That’s a big relief to finally be out in the open. Just a friendly plug, my services may be available for the right price!