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NPN/VAN New Partners Search 2015-16

Posted: Monday, August 24th, 2015 at 2:26 pm in Field News, Member & Partner Announcements, News

updated 10/14/2015: Nominations are closed.

The National Performance Network, including the Visual Artists Network, is beginning a nationwide search for cultural organizations to join its partnership.

As an artist-centered network, NPN/VAN is unique in its structure — an interconnected partnership among diverse communities, artists, and presenters (NPN and VAN Partners). The Network is kept small in order to facilitate communication, active participation, and sustainable relationships that have measurable impact over time. Currently, NPN/VAN is 61 performing arts and 14 visual arts Partners across 28 states and 41 cities. For them, the Network is an invaluable mechanism for sharing resources, ideas, and skills across boundaries of race, geography, aesthetics and organizational cultures.

NPN/VAN values long-term relationships and Partners remain in the Network as long as their work and commitment to NPN/VAN’s mission and values remain active. As Partner organizations change and evolve, some choose to leave the Network to pursue other goals. This gradual and inevitable process allows the Network to remain dynamic by periodically inviting new Partners to join. NPN/VAN will be accepting a limited number of nonprofit organizations to become either NPN or VAN Partners beginning July 1, 2016.

Through September 25, 2015, NPN/VAN Partners, staff, artists, state and regional arts councils, and colleagues are invited to nominate nonprofit organizations that meet the criteria for Partnership. From those nominations, a select number will be invited to submit formal applications.

Click here to see details about the process, eligibility criteria, timeline for selection, and how to nominate an organization.

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