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E-Newsletter / January 2012

Posted: Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 at 11:47 am in E-Newsletters

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E-Newsletter / January 2012

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Performing Americas Celebrates Ten Years

Ten years, 50 U.S. presenters, and 34 companies from the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean! These exchanges have created a human-scale diplomacy that builds cross-cultural understanding. Read more about PAP’s 10th Anniversary…

Click here for more information on the upcoming PAP tour of Argentina’s Mariano Pensotti

The past is a Grotesque animal, by Mariano Pensotti, 2011

Annual Meeting in Tampa

With live-streamed performances and keynote, and QR codes at every turn, NPN’s Annual Meeting took advantage of the latest technologies while preserving the tried-and-true traditions of face-to-face gatherings and social interaction.

Read more about this year’s Annual Meeting in Tampa or check out the meeting materials.

NPN Receives New Funding

NPN recently learned that the Nathan Cummings Foundation will support its general operations with $100,000 over the coming year.

Also the National Endowment for the Arts announced a grant of $60,000 for NPN’s national dance programs, one of its 863 grants across the country. See the full list…

NPN Annual Report and Directory Now On Line

Need to know how to contact a NPN/VAN Partner? Want the scoop on which artists got what NPN awards in FY11? Want to know more about all of NPN’s programs in the last year? NPN’s annual report has all this, and more.

Download a free copy
Order a hard copy from Amazon

Creation Funds Available to Qualified US Presenters

Ready to commission new work? Even if you are NOT an NPN Partner, you can access a pool of matching funds, simply by partnering with one (or more) NPN Partners across the country. Letters of intent are due January 30, 2012. Read more…

Last year, the Creation Fund supported new work from a diverse range of artists, including Carpetbag Theatre (Knoxville, TN), Chris Aiken and Angie Hauser (Collegeville, PA), Eiko & Koma (New York, NY), Paul Zaloom (West Hollywood, CA), Robert Karimi (Minneapolis, MN), Teo Castellanos (Miami, FL), Zoe / Juniper (Seattle, WA) and 15 other artists/companies.