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of the Hotel Bedroom

VAN Installations Come Out
of the Hotel Bedroom

Posted: Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 at 3:31 pm in News

The Visual Artists Network (VAN) is pleased to announce three visual arts installations at this year’s Annual Meeting in Tampa. Presented inside Portable On-Demand Storage (PODS) units, the VAN POD Installations will be located at the Jaeb Plaza of the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, site of the 2011 NPN/VAN Annual Meeting. PODS Enterprises, Inc. of Pinellas Park, FL has generously donated the use of three PODS for this exciting visual arts exhibition.

All artists who have participated in the VAN program in the past three years were invited to submit proposal to create a POD Installation, as were visual artists from Tampa. There were no conceptual or thematic parameters. Artists were encouraged to propose a project that would best present their work. A selection panel of NPN/VAN staff and VAN Partners chose the following three proposals from many worthy applications. Participating artists will be engaged under a VAN Exhibition Residency contract and will serve a week-long residency at the Annual Meeting.

The VAN POD Installation Opening Reception will be held 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. on Thursday December 6, 2011 on the Jaeb Plaza of the Straz Center, Tampa, FL.

Housing is a Human Right

Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone, Brooklyn, NY

Housing is a Human Right is an ongoing multi-platform documentary project that creates a space for people to share stories of their community and ongoing experiences of trying to obtain or maintain a place to call home. The project is not just one story, but many; it is a growing collection of powerful first-person stories exploring the complex fabric of community and home, painting a living portrait of human rights. Stories are recorded in the tradition of oral history and shared as audio stories, photographs and multimedia across multiple platforms, including interactive exhibitions in unconventional spaces & broadcasts via traditional and new media outlets.

Untitled, 2010
11 x 17 inches
Photo Credit: Michael Premo

Repository: A Taxonomy of Remains

Margie Livingston, Seattle, WA

Livingston’s installation will consist of two tables lighted from above and holding specimen trays of her own design and construction. The specimens arrayed in the trays will be individual fragments left over from the creation of a larger, established body of work: my Paint Objects, acrylic works straddling the boundary between painting and sculpture, which she has been making for several years. The installation’s title and the “remains” to be presented, along with the manner of their presentation, allude to the material and conventions associated with museums of natural history.


Plank, 2011
1 5/8 x 3 1/2 x 97 5/8 inches
Photo: Richard Nicol

Safety in Numbers

Jono Vaughan, Tampa, FL

Inspired by Vaughan’s drawings that chronologically document the changes and alterations made to his/her hair since 2005, Safety In Numbers is a performance-based work that invites Annual Meeting participants and members of the community to assume the identity of the artist through physical transformations, such as hair cutting and make up application. For the project, Vaughan will be transforming the POD into a hair salon where each day stylists will be cutting volunteers’ hair into the same style as the artist and will be applying make-up in styles created by the artist. Like the artist’s drawings that never feature the front of his/her face, Safety in Numbers explores the power of anonymity through the creation of as many clones of the artist as possible.

 The Back of My Head, 4/5/10, 2010
Colored pencil on paper
30 x 15 inches


VAN installations at the Annual Meeting in Tampa are made possible with assistance from

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