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E-Newsletter / December 2010

Posted: Sunday, December 26th, 2010 at 4:08 pm in E-Newsletters

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E-Newsletter / December 2010

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Dallas’ Majestic Theatre Hosts Historic Performances

Five works sprung to new life in Dallas on December 10-11, 2010 when the recipients of NPN’s Re-Creation Project took the stage. Two nights of public performance gave the local, national and international audience a rare opportunity to see several important dance and performance pieces which have been newly re-mounted — two of which have not been seen in nearly 20 years. Showcased during NPN’s Annual Meeting, the works include:

  • Pomo Afro Homos: Fierce Love
  • Elia Arce: First Woman on the Moon
  • Pat Graney Company: Faith
  • Jane Comfort and Company: Faith Healing
  • Marc Bamuthi Joseph: Word Becomes Flesh

Click here for more info about the Re-Creation Projects.

Re-Creation Projects Documented in Video and Text

During the summer of 2010, NPN invited the five Re-Creation artists and their lead commissioners to sit down for a moderated conversation, to explore the genesis and evolution of their works. Full transcripts of each conversation were also provided to writers who created snapshots of these rich conversations. The video-taped conversations are being edits into short mini-documentaries (5-7 minutes each), available early 2011 on the NPN website.

Original Writing Commissioned by NPN
for 25th Anniversary

Linda Burnham, Tanya Mote and Eve Alpren offer short but evocative summaries of three long conversations held over the summer of 2010. Robert Bedoya and Vanessa Whang talked about NPN’s organization values, and Arnie Malina and Ed Noonan, past and current directors of the Myrna Loy Center in Helena, MT, talked about NPN’s impact on their local community. In a third conversation, two Founding Partners of NPN Carla Perlo and Jefferson James (of Dance Place in DC and Contemporary Dance Theatre in Cincinnati) reflect on NPN’s impact on their professional careers and the arc of their organizations’ growth.

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NPN Welcomes New Funder

The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation has awarded NPN a grant of $100,000 to strengthen international opportunities for U.S. artists by supporting their tours and residencies to Latin America and the Caribbean, and to support the travel of Latin American and Caribbean presenters to the U.S. We thank them!


25th Anniversary: Voices and Reflections, Part 11 of 12

Selamat hari ulang tahun, NPN! Gayle Isa of Asian Arts Initiative, a member of NPN for 14 years, offers her reflections on NPN’s impact on organizations of color in general, her organization in particular, and on her own personal life. “NPN is the primary forum where I have been able to learn about cultural policy, and the primary forum that has allowed me to feel like I have a voice at the table.” This is the eleventh in a series of reflections on the occasion of NPN’s 25th Anniversary.

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NPN Recognized for National Leadership

Across the country, 144 national arts and culture experts, each with an average of 25 years’ experience, were asked to recommend non-profits that serve a national or multi-state audience or that influence the arts at the national level. NPN is pleased to be one of 17 organizations thus honored: see the full list at

From the Field

American Theatre magazine, published by Theatre Communication Group, recently interviewed CEO MK Wegmann about NPN’s approach to touring.

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