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National Performance Network Selects Six Creation Fund Projects to Participate in Pilot Program of NPN Forth Fund

Posted: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 at 3:24 pm in Press Releases

Contact: Stanlyn Brevé
Tel. 504/595-8008 x204

NEW ORLEANS, LA (June 11, 2010) – The National Performance Network (NPN) has selected six Creation Fund projects to receive further developmental support through the NPN Forth Fund pilot, an additional production phase designed to transition new works from the studio to the stage. NPN chose projects that will premiere during the program implementation and evaluation period of March 1 and December 1, 2010. Decisions were based on a variety of factors such as the work’s stage of development, artistic discipline, geographic location, and cultural diversity in order to test and evaluate a broad range of projects.

NPN will subsidize $15,000 ($10,000 NPN Subsidy and $5,000 cash or in-kind match from the commissioning partner) to each project towards helping each piece realize its full potential. Funds will be disbursed directly to Creation Fund artists and commissioners, and will provide access to critical managerial, artistic and technical resources necessary to produce a new work for touring.

The Forth Fund process is driven by the artist, encouraging artists to be proactive in identifying and articulating the needs of their work and brokering relationships with commissioners. In the pilot phase each Creation Fund artist identified which NPN Partner commissioner they wanted to work with based on the current developmental needs of their work. The outcome of the Forth Fund will be excellent new work that has enough resources and time to fully realize its potential in order to have a long productive touring life, while providing communities with richer cultural experiences.

Forth Fund Pilot Projects 2010:
The Crazy Cloud Collection
Artist: InkBoat (San Francisco, CA)
Commissioner: Highways Performance Space (Los Angeles, CA)
Forth Fund Support: Music development, set design and fabrication, documentation costs, development of residency activities and community engagement component

Let us think of these things always. Let us speak of them never.
Artist: Every House Has a Door (Chicago, IL)
Commissioner: Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, IL)
Forth Fund Support: Artistic and technical development through a 3-week residency, work-in-progress show, rehearsal fees, rehearsal space lighting designer fees, documentation costs

World Headquarters
Artist: Charles Anderson/Dance Theatre X (Philadelphia, PA)
Commissioner: Painted Bride Art Center (Philadelphia, PA)
Forth Fund Support: Development of residency activities and community engagement component, rehearsal fees, rehearsal space, creative development residency costs, documentation costs

Gloria’s Cause
Artist: Dayna Hanson (Seattle, WA)
Commissioner: On the Boards (Seattle, WA)
Forth Fund Support: Production coordinator fees, sound designer fees, rehearsal assistant fees, documentation, rehearsal space, technical staff fees, project management, rehearsal stipends, dramaturgical support

Women of Calypso
Artists: “Singing Sandra,” Shereen Caesar, and Kizzie Ruiz (Trinidad)
Commissioner: Cultural Odyssey (San Francisco, CA)
Forth Fund Support: Creative development residency costs, rehearsal fees, technical costs, work-in-progress performance, production management, rehearsal space

Go Ye Therefore
Artist: Artspot Productions (New Orleans, LA)
Commissioner: 7 Stages (Atlanta, GA)
Forth Fund Support: Redesign of work post premiere- artists fees for redesign, rehearsals, research, development and travel to future performance site, rehearsal space, fundraising activities, artistic guidance, technical staff fees, developing community engagement component.

All Forth Fund artists and commissioners will participate in an evaluation of the program which will culminate in a half-day meeting at the NPN Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX in December of 2010. The pilot phase of the Forth Fund is generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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