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E-Newsletter / October 2008

Posted: Sunday, October 26th, 2008 at 4:20 pm in E-Newsletters

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NPN E-Newsletter

Now what do we do?

NPN President and CEO MK Wegmann was one of 30 national arts leaders who
met over the course of three years to plan the National Performing Arts
Convention (NPAC), held June 2008 in Denver, CO.

With the country’s largest art service organizations driving the agenda,
NPN and others enthusiastically lent their support to the goal of greater inclusion of artists.

NPN raised additional grant funds from Altria to subsidize
the attendance of dozens of independent artists.

How could their voices be heard above the other 3,500 people in attendance?
As MK Wegmann tells us, their voices were heard, loud and clear. Read
more about the Conference, the controversy and the consensus for future
actions, as identified throughout a three-day series of Town Hall
meetings using the American Speaks process.

Read MK’s full article

Photo: Kate Warner, Scott Turner Schofield, Ariel de Mann and Sydney Ellis at NPAC. Photo by Heidi S. Howard.

Performing Americas Project logs its 16th Cultural Exchange Trip

Nine thousand feet above sea level and often unexpectedly swallowed by
clouds, Quito was the site of the most recent La RED curatorial visit to
Latin America.

Nelson Diaz, Artistic Director of Humanizarte, a
17-year old arts organization dedicated to social and cultural
transformation through the arts, served as host for nine U.S.-based
presenters and NPN staff who spent five days exploring local and
national cultural traditions, including a café where the chef “revives
the lost culture of Ecuador through gastronomy:” imagine a soup of
green plantain, lime and coconut milk with a buttery chunk of fresh
avocado on top. But really, they were there for the performances.

Read Elizabeth Doud’s full article

Photo: Nelson Diaz of Ecuador, Lotty Castillo of Peru, America Mejia of Honduras, Pilar Ramos of Peru. Photo by Elizabeth Doud.


NPN’s board of fifteen includes presenters, artists and colleagues from
the field, to provide a well-rounded and informed governance body that
meets quarterly. At the September 2008 board meeting in Seattle (site
of the upcoming Annual Meeting), the board officially seated four new
members for three-year terms:

  • Erin Boberg Doughton, Performing Arts Program Director at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art in Oregon
  • Gregory Jackson, Interim Director and Artistic Director of the Cultural Affairs Department at Miami Dade College, Miami, FL
  • Tom Reese, director of Tulane University’s Stone Center for Latin American Studies in New Orleans
  • Maurice Turner, trumpet player and performer from Raymond, MS

Photo: Maurice Turner at the 2007 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. Photo by Nick Slie.

independent artists
in New Orleans

Transforma is a project in New Orleans for which NPN serves as intermediary.

In October Transforma issued its second call for Creative
Recovery Mini-Grants, seeking to fuel the New Orleans Recovery effort
with the energy of the local creative community, supporting the vibrant
activity that occurs on the ground level. Grants of $500-$2,500 will
support local independent artists, unincorporated groups, gathering
spaces, publications and collectives for work that exists at the
intersection of art, social justice and recovery in New Orleans. Major
support for the Creative Recovery Mini-grants is provided by the Andy
Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

In the first round of mini-grants, funds were awarded to:

  • Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club, to support a poster series for their 10th anniversary parade
  • A green market and community garden, with the Latino Farmers Co-op of Louisiana
  • A virtual space/town generated by marginalized youth from New Orleans and Tallaght in South Dublin County, Ireland, looking for solutions to social grievances and ethnic and racial disparities
  • Sankofa Sustainable Marketplace, to support the revitalization and economic development of the Lower Ninth Ward
  • Street Talk, to support training in radio production for the cultural news arm of WWOZ-FM

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