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E-Newsletter / September 2008

Posted: Friday, September 26th, 2008 at 4:05 pm in E-Newsletters

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NPN E-Newsletter
Welcome newest NPN staff member
What do you get when you cross a singing, fire-spinning sailor with acute administrative skills? The newest member of the NPN staff: Pamela Roberts, Program Assistant for Convenings. more…

We’re pleased to announce that the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has awarded NPN a three-year grant to develop and expand the Visual Artists Network (VAN). VAN provides opportunities for visual artists to travel in the United States and exhibit their work in a residency in a context of community engagement. Patterned after the NPN model program for performing artists, VAN was launched successfully as a pilot project in 2006 with seven visual artist residencies awarded.

VAN has begun the rigorous process of expanding participation for its next phase. New VAN sites will be confirmed in November.

Download the 2007 VAN catalogue!

NPN has extended invitations to its network of NPN Partners, artists who have toured with an NPN subsidy, regional artists, and like-minded colleagues to its Annual Meeting, in order to to build and strengthen relationships, advance our professional development and connect with what’s going on creatively around the country.

Highlights of this year’s Annual Meeting in Seattle include:

Performance Festival Matinees at On the Boards present the work of selected NPN Creation Fund recipients and artists representing the NorthWest performance community.
• “What are we talking about when we talk about Aesthetics?” seeks a common language to talk about our work.
• Professional development workshops for artists facilitated by Creative Capital.
• Closing night dinner, dance and keynote: Hip-hop artist and poet Rha Goddess will share her thoughts about the meeting and the “Artist as Activist.”
NPN Announces Awards Totaling $170,030

  Creation Fund
The Creation Fund is aptly named: it supports artists in the creation of new work. A unique feature of the NPN award is that the grant ensures a minimum of two sites for the presentation of the finished work. Eleven exciting projects have just been awarded grants ranging from $10,000 to $16,000. The grant requires a collaboration between at least two commissioners, one of which is an NPN Partner, who each commit to a $2,000 match.
Community Fund
The Community Fund subsidizes activities that deepen relationships between NPN Partners, artists and their communities, with grants of $4,000 to $5,000. The Community Fund allows NPN Partners take risks, implement new programs, forge new relationships and/or diversify their connections. In addition to enhanced residency activities, the current projects also allow translation of residency materials into Chinese and Spanish.
Mentorship & Leadership
NPN awarded six grants ($2,530 to $5,000) for the Mentorship and Leadership Initiative to support the professional development of NPN Partner staff as arts leaders. The six recipients from Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Miami and the Bay Area will use NPN funds to explore strategies for a sabbatical, shared leadership and program planning, training in facilitation and new evaluation techniques, and travel to conference/festivals.
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NPN Partners’ Corner
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Annual NPN Partner Paperwork over due!
Did your organization submit all the required info? We are still missing information from many NPN Partners!

Policy on Payment
NPN has been receiving many requests for expedited contracts and subsidy checks. Please review our Policy on Payment for more information.

Summer Subsidies Announced
Thanks to all NPN Partner and Board panelists for dedicating their time, diverse voices and insightful comments to the decision making process.

NPN Welcomes New Funder
NPN has received a contribution from the MetLife Foundation to support the NPN Community Fund. MetLife Foundation joins the circle of NPN corporate sponsors as a major supporter of this important national subsidy program. Awarded funds will be used to support two cycles of the Community Fund which subsidizes activities that expand upon an NPN Performance Residency or Creation Fund by deepening relationships between NPN Partners, artists, and communities.

MetLifeMetLife Foundation was established by MetLife to continue the company’s long tradition of corporate contributions and community involvement. The Foundation supports programs that improve education, promote health, encourage parental involvement and family engagement, help revitalize neighborhoods and stress accessibility and inclusion. Recognizing the vital role the arts play in building communities and educating young people, the Foundation contributes to arts and cultural organizations across the United States, with an emphasis on increasing opportunities for young people, reaching broad audiences through inclusive programming, and making arts more accessible for all people. For more information about the Foundation, please visit its Web site at

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