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E-Newsletter / April 2007

Posted: Thursday, April 26th, 2007 at 5:29 pm in E-Newsletters

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National Performance Network (NPN) e-Update | April | Connecting artists with progressive presenters, arts organizations, and communities across the country.


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We’re looking for a few good NPN Partners!
Promoting Artist’s and NPN’s work
Artist’s Technical Director
Artist’s Technical Rider
Doin’ It On The Road, workshops with ‘get up and go’!
Visual Artist Network (VAN) Pilot Project
Winter FY07 Awards: Community Fund
Winter FY07 Awards: Creation Fund
Winter FY07 Awards: Mentor & Leadership Initiative
NPN Convenings
Job Announcements




The National Performance Network (NPN) has received generous support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency), the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Altria Group, Inc., Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation, Baton Rouge Area Foundation – Higher Ground Fund, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Arts Council of New Orleans, Iowa Arts Council, Brian J. Worley Fund for the Performing Arts, Altorfer, Inc. Fund, Leveraging Investments in Creativity, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and WESTAF.

April 2007

This month’s e-Update covers a lot of ground with announcements of awardees, training opportunities, requests for nominations, convening updates, and many important reminders. Please take the time to review each section and contact us if you have any questions.

We’re looking for a few good NPN Partners!
We're looking for a few good NPN Partners!

DEADLINE: NPN New Partner Nominations – 5/15/07
Please support the field of performing arts by nominating a presenting organization to potentially become an NPN Partner. Click here to view new partner criteria and the nomination form. Nomination forms are due by May 15, 2007. In this day and age, presenting and supporting culturally rich performing arts is more of a difficult task than ever. We urge you to be proactive and nominate an organization today! Questions? Email

Promoting Artist’s and NPN’s work
Promoting Artist's and NPN's work

Once an artist’s work that is NPN supported is ready to be presented to the community, remember to include NPN credit in all promotions. This important step advances our shared network, helps NPN leverage resources and sustain the field, while providing funders with direct evidence of how their commitment is used.

As a part of the NPN Residency Agreement, all NPN Partners are required to credit NPN in programs, fliers, press, etc. Meeting this requirement is as simple as visiting the NPN website and downloading the appropriate credit language and logos for all NPN programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact Stanlyn if you have any questions about including NPN credits in your promotional materials.

Artist’s Technical Director
Artist's Technical Director

NPN values presenting artist’s work in the best light, which frequently means artists traveling with their own tech support. When artists travel with a Technical Director that is familiar with their work it strengthens the work. NPN considers the artist’s technical staff part of the company and they are paid the same salaries and wages and fringe benefits as performers for their week in residence. 

NPN strongly encourages artists to travel with their own tech. If an artist opts not to travel with their own technical director, the artist must attach a signed letter to the NPN Residency Agreement stating this preference.

Artist’s Technical Rider
Artist's Technical Rider

A technical rider for the work that is being presented must be attached to the NPN Residency Agreement before it will be approved. This is to ensure that both the NPN Partner and Artist are on the same page about the technical requirements of the piece.

In addition both the NPN Partner’s Technical Director and Artist’s Technical Director must sign p. 9 of the NPN Residency Agreement, acknowledging that they are in full agreement of the requirements of the piece.

Doin’ It On The Road, workshops with ‘get up and go’!
Doin' It On The Road, workshops with 'get up and go'!

At our regional meetings the NPN staff sets aside time to present a touring workshop and invites artists from the host community to participate. Go to for a list of handouts from the Doin’ It on the Road workshops and the links to download them.

Visual Artist Network (VAN) Pilot Project
Visual Artist Network (VAN) Pilot Project

Guest Organization Awards – 2007
The National Performance Network is pleased to announce that the following guest organizations have been awarded Visual Artist Network (VAN) residencies. They will be joining four NPN Partners who were awarded VAN residencies in February.

  • Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
    Artist: Fay Ku*, Brooklyn, NY
    Project Media: Painting, Drawing, Collage
  • Galeria de la Raza/Studio 24, San Francisco, CA
    Artist: Jaime Mendoza, Chicago, IL
    Project Media: Digital Mural, Installation
  • Hammonds House Museum, Atlanta, GA
    Artist: Theodore Harris, Philadelphia, PA
    Project Media: Mixed Media, Political Poster Art
  • SPACES, Cleveland, OH
    Artist: Manuel Acevedo, Elizabeth, NJ
    Project Media: Camera Obscura Installations

* Photo: Fay Ku’s artwork (from Real Art Ways website)

Winter FY07 Awards: Community Fund
Winter FY07 Awards: Community Fund

  • Asian Arts Initiative:
    Artist/Collaborator: Omar Telan
    Project Title: End of the World
  • Carpetbag Theatre:
    Artist/Collaborator: Anu Yadav
    Project Title: The Women Gather
  • St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation:
    Artist/Collaborator: Tania Isaac*
    Project Title: Expansion of Tania Isaac Dance Residency
  • Tigertail Productions:
    Artist/Collaborator: Scott Turner Schofield
    Project Title: Expansion of Speak Out
  • Walker Art Center:
    Artist/Collaborator: Faustin Linyekula
    Project Title: Festival of Lies 

* Photo: Tania Isaac Dance; Pictured: Tania Isaac; Photographer: Belkowitz Photography

Winter FY07 Awards: Creation Fund
Winter FY07 Awards: Creation Fund

  • Carpetbag Theatre, St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation, Appalshop Traditional Music Program: Carpetbag Theatre Ensemble
  • New WORLD Theater, Pangea World Theater: D’Lo
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Dance Theater Workshop, ODC Theater: Donna Uchizono & Co.
  • Appalshop, Berea College Appalachian Center: Fossil Fools
  • Contemporary Dance Theater, Dance Cleveland: Jane Comfort & Co.
  • Dance Theater Workshop, Myrna Loy Center/Helena Presents: John Jasperse Company
  • Florida Dance Association, Myrna Loy Center/Helena Presents: Katherine Kramer
  • Miami Dade College, DiverseWorks: Michelle Ellsworth*
  • Myrna Loy Center/Helena Presents, On the Boards: Scott/Powell Performance
  • Out North, VSA arts of Alaska, Highways Performance Space, Legacies of War, Public Interest Project: TeAda Productions
  • Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Swarthmore College: The Riot Group
  • Walker Art Center, The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival: Young Jean Lee
  • On the Boards, PICA: Zoe Scofield

* Photo: Monkey Saddle and Other Religous Artifacts; Pictured: Michelle Ellsworth; Photographer: Ashley Hartka

Winter FY07 Awards: Mentor & Leadership Initiative
Winter FY07 Awards: Mentor & Leadership Initiative

  • Contemporary Arts Center: Development of Jazz Presenter
  • Carpetbag Theatre: Carpetbag Theatre/Brushy Fork Institute Leadership Exchange
  • Tigertail Productions: Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival

NPN Convenings
NPN Convenings

NPN Regional Meetings are underway; remember it is a requirement for one representative from each NPN Partner to attend a Regional Meeting. Meetings still to be held:
Northeast, 4/21/07, New England Foundation for the Arts, Boston, MA
West, 5/12/07, MACLA, San Jose, CA

Please visit Regional Meetings for complete logistical details (including travel/hotel reimbursement forms) on your meeting. We look forward to seeing you!

* Photo: NPN 22nd Annual Meeting in Cedar Rapids, IA; Photographer: Zack Smith

Job Announcements
Job Announcements

The Network of Ensemble Theatres is looking for a National Coordinator.

Complete job announcements from our Partners and other organizations are available at