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E-Newsletter / October 2006

Posted: Friday, October 27th, 2006 at 3:18 pm in E-Newsletters

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National Performance Network (NPN) e-Newsletter | October | Connecting artists with progressive presenters, arts organizations, and communities across the country.


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Annual Meeting Performances
Why a Local Program?
2007 Creation & Community Fund Awards
New Staff at NPN
NPN Calendar Events
NPN Partner Events




The National Performance Network (NPN) has received generous support from The National Performance Network (NPN) has received generous support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency), the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Altria Group, Inc., Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation, Baton Rouge Area Foundation – Higher Ground Fund, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Arts Council of New Orleans, Iowa Arts Council, Brian J. Worley Fund for the Performing Arts, Altorfer, Inc. Fund, Leveraging Investments in Creativity, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and WESTAF.


Photo Credits
TOP: 21st Annual Meeting in Miami, Artists in a round table discussion, photo by Mondo Bizarro.

MIDDLE: 21st Annual Meeting in Miami, National Showcase performance, photo by Mondo Bizarro.

BOTTOM: The Foundry Theatre, Major Bang Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dirty Bomb, photo from Wexner Center for the Arts website

October 2006

Welcome to the first monthly installment of NPN’s new e-Newsletter. It is designed to include a variety of information which we hope will keep you informed of national office activities, as well as listings of Performance Residencies, Creation Fund and Community Fund projects which are supported by NPN Partners. This e-Newsletter is designed for a quick scan, with links to longer articles and discussions when you have more time to read full articles. We also plan a quarterly print version that will have wider distribution, so that the larger field can also be kept up to date with the diverse work of NPN and NPN Partners. Please tell us what you’d like to see included here, and let us know if you are interested in submitting articles. And of course, send us your listings of NPN supported programs. We’re looking forward to seeing y’all in Cedar Rapids next month.

MK Wegmann
President and CEO

Annual Meeting Performances

Annual Meeting Performances

Once a year NPN staff members wear their presenter hats and organize three performance showcases, as well as a number of ArtBursts that are interspersed throughout the Annual Meeting. The following is the process NPN staff uses to make the final decisions about who is selected to perform. All artists are paid a fee for their public performances and are included as full registrants of the Annual Meeting.

National Showcase Selections
NPN Creation Fund recipients are selected to present their complete commissioned work or a significant excerpt of that work for each of the National Showcases.

The process by which the National Showcase artists are selected continues to be examined and refined each year. The process begins by reviewing the list of artists from the previous three years of NPN Creation Fund Subsidy Awards. This list is then narrowed; eliminating artists whose commissioned work had not premiered by the end of the fiscal year preceding the annual meeting, and artists who had previously been presented in an Annual Meeting National Showcase. NPN staff then receives follow-up communication from NPN Partners and/or the Lead Commissioners to assess:

  • The tour-ability of the work; can the work successfully tour under the NPN contract?
  • The appropriateness of the Annual Meeting Showcase venue for presenting the work; will the space accommodate the work?
  • The readiness of the work; is the work at performance level?

Artists carried forward for consideration are then contacted regarding their availability. For those available artists NPN staff reviews media samples of their work and considers geographic, cultural, and discipline diversity before making their final selection.

Local Showcase Selections
During every Annual Meeting the Saturday evening showcase is reserved for highlighting the artists living in and around the host city. These artists are selected by the Host Committee and/or by the NPN Partner(s) in the host community.

Special Showcase Opportunities
In an effort to “walk our talk” of cultural equity, the NPN staff has designed a process by which NPN may extend showcase opportunities beyond the above listed criteria in order to include artists whose work is stylistically, geographically, culturally, or socially underrepresented. This opportunity is being put into place this year in order to highlight the work of contemporary Native American artists. The three artists selected, each to present work in one of the evening showcases, were culled from a group of names gathered from NPN Partners, colleagues, and Native American organizations.

ArtBurst Selections
ArtBursts are presented throughout the Annual Meeting when the general assembly of attendees is convening. They are short performance “bursts” that require little or no tech. ArtBurst performers include artists local to the host city as well as artists from the pool of subsidized national artists.

NPN staff selects ArtBurst performers from the list of artists subsidized to attend the Annual Meeting. Artists interested in performing an Artburst are considered if they have not previously been presented in an ArtBursts or a Showcase at an Annual Meeting.  Additionally geographic, cultural and discipline diversity is a consideration in the final selection.

Why a Local Program?

Why a Local Program?

Report from MK Wegmann, President and CEO

One of the “givens” about NPN’s program design is a commitment to community engagement in our systems for supporting artists who are creating and touring work. What does that commitment mean for the NPN National Office in our community? Particularly now, based in New Orleans, on the post-hurricanes Gulf Coast, in a poor city struggling to rebuild itself while maintaining a rich and diverse cultural identity, ourselves displaced but appreciative guests in the Contemporary Arts Center’s offices –how does the NPN National Office meet these challenges while remaining “on mission?”

For MK’s complete report on where NPN has been, where we are, and the vision of using local programs in our journey forward, click here.

2007 Creation & Community Fund Awards

Creation Fund

  • Performance Space 122, Dance Theatre Coalition: Amy Caron
  • Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Carver Community Cultural Center, Talento Bilingue de Houston: Guadalupe Dance Company
  • Highways Performance Space, Michigan State University/Dept of Art History: Guillermo Gomez Pena
  • DiverseWorks, Miami Performing Art Center: Jennylin Duany
  • Bates Dance Festival, Florida Dance Association: Keigwin + Company
  • On the Boards, Myrna Loy Center/Helena Presents: locust
  • La Pena Cultural Center, New Jersey Performing Art Center, Gala Hispanic Theatre: Paul Flores
  • Appalshop, Highlander Research and Education Center, M.U.G.A.B.E.E.: Roadside Theatre
  • Pat Graney Company, DiverseWorks, 7 Stages: Scott Turner Schofield
  • Dance Place, Dolly Hand Cultural Center: Step Afrika

Click here for the detailed list of Summer 2007 Creation Fund Awards

Community Fund
Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Jump-Start Performance Company, Painted Bride Art Center, Pat Graney Company, Sandglass Theater

Click here for the detailed list of Summer 2007 Community Fund Awards

New Staff at NPN

If you have not been in touch with NPN lately you may not be aware of the several new faces on staff in the National office. The following list represents each staff member, their titles, and who to contact for specific needs. Watch subsequent NPN e-Newsletters for profiles on staff. 

Operations/Administrative Staff

  • MK WEGMANN President and CEO
    contact for cultural policy issues, NPN’s vision and strategic direction
    contact for operations, financial management, Strategic Partnerships and New Orleans Activities
  • M. CLAUDIA GAROFALO Development Director
    contact for Resource Development and fundraising
  • STEPHANIE ATKINS Executive Assistant
    contact for CEO, COO and Development Director as well as general information relating to policy, operations and resource development
  • THERESE WEGMANN Operations & Data Specialist
    contact for office management and database/website information
  • MAISHA JOSHUA Bookkeeper
    contact for accounts payable and accounts receivable

Program Staff

  • STANLYN BREVE Program Specialist – National Programs
    contact: for contracts, agreements and program detail
  • MIMI ZARSKY Program Specialist – Convenings
    contact for convening details and content
  • ALEC DE LEON Program Assistant – National Programs
    contact for program deadline and general information about programs
  • SARAH LEMOINE Program Assistant – Convenings
    contact for registration, logistics and general information about convenings

Project Staff

Additionally if you have concerns about NPN’s policies feel free to contact any of our Board Members, especially members of the Executive Committee.  Visit for a complete listing.

NPN Calendar Events

NPN Calendar Events

November 9-13, 2006
22nd Annual Meeting • Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Highlights for the meeting include:

  • Opening Reception at CSPS, the home of Legion Arts
  • Media Showcases
  • Open Space Technology
  • Keynote address by Performance Artist Will Power
  • Performance Showcases featuring Iowan, Native American, and NPN Creation Fund Artists

Click here for more information

NPN Partner Events

NPN Partner Events

Wexner Center for the Arts
Columbus, OH
The Foundry Theatre
Major Bang Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dirty Bomb
Oct 26–28, 2006 at 8pm and Oct 29, 2006 at 2pm
“Major Bang proves that laughter in the dark, need not be desperate.”
—New York Times

MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana
San Jose, CA
Octavio Campos
Residency Begins: October 16, 2006
Residency Ends: October 22, 2006