The Community Fund subsidizes activities that expand upon a VAN Exhibition Residency by deepening relationships between VAN Partners, artists, and communities. The Community Fund allows VAN Partners to take risks, implement new programs, forge new relationships, and/or diversify their connections.

Community Fund projects can occur before, during, and after VAN Exhibition Residency activities. Subsidies can be applied for planning, follow-up, documentation, or evaluation of VAN Exhibition Residencies. Funds may be used to pay local artists or community organizations involved in VAN Exhibition Residencies. Guidelines are flexible by design, allowing Partners and artists to exercise their creativity in structuring projects.

Applicants can apply for up to $5,000. The award amount is determined by the strength of the proposal and the feasibility of the project to occur without full support. The deadline for the next round is July 19, 2013. VAN Partners will receive notice when the guidelines and application are available.

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