Performance Residency Program

All NPN Artist residencies are governed by a standard contract with a fixed fee structure that sets a minimum standard for touring fees. NPN encourages Partners to contract artists who feel comfortable working with community and under the NPN Fee Structure. The basic requirement of a NPN Residency include:

  • All artists and tech are in residency 5–7 days
  • Artists conduct a minimum of one residency activity and one public performance
  • Artists engage with a minimum of 100 community members
  • Artists work under the NPN fee structure

NPN Fixed Fee Structure:

  • Salaries: $700 per week per artist or technician in residence.
  • Fringe Benefits: $140 per week per artist or technician on salary (vs. contract) with the company.
  • Transportation: The most economical round-trip transportation for all artistic or technical personnel in residence who are traveling from another community.
  • Housing: $75/night ($90 in New York and San Francisco), based on double occupancy, for all artists or technicians in residence who travel from another community.
  • Per Diem: $40/day for all artists or technicians in residence who travel from another community.
  • General Operating Funds: A fixed amount ($1,500 for 1-week residency or $1,700 for 2-week residency)
  • Artistic Director Contingency Fund: A fixed amount of $300 per residency is provided for the Artistic Director to use for any additional residency-related costs

NPN subsidizes 40% (up to $6,000 per week; $12,000 for two weeks) of the cost of a one- or two-week residency engagement. NPN Partners match the remaining 58%.

Performance Residency subsidies are not competitive and are guaranteed annually to each NPN Partner, allowing NPN Partners to take artistic risks and invest in their communities.

NPN Partners can access contracts here.

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