Freight Fund

The NPN Freight Fund expands NPN Partners presenting capacity and enhances the work of Artists. The fund can be accessed to enhance an NPN Performance Residency. Monies may be used to rent equipment, cover excess baggage charges, or ship sets, props, costumes, etc. Money may also be used to increase NPN Partners technical capacity by purchasing equipment that supports the presentation of an NPN work.

NPN allocates $10,000 per Fiscal Year for the Freight Fund: $5,000 available July 1 and $5,000 available January 1. NPN Partners can apply for up to $500 per NPN Residency, partners can only receive one Freight Fund per Fiscal Year, and funds are distributed on a first-come/first-serve basis. The funds must go towards excess freight costs for a NPN Residency Program and NPN Partners must explain how the Freight Fund request is over and above the basic Performance Residency contract expectations.

Freight Fund Guidelines and Application:
Contact NPN for Freight Fund availability. Freight Funds are only available to NPN Partners.

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