What to See

Each year during the Annual Meeting, NPN highlights new work of diverse contemporary performing and visual artists in the US.
You will get to see performing arts work in lots of places: during the LIVE & ON STAGE performance showcases in the Straz Center’s Jaeb Theater on Friday and Saturday evenings, screened formally during the MEDIA SHOWCASE–and informally at the MEDIA LOUNGE– and described at the "IN THE WORKS" sessions. The Visual Artists Network, NPN’s initiative for touring visual artists, will be "sharing the stage" with its VAN POD INSTALLATIONS and through a variety of formats over the course of the meeting.

Live streaming returns to the Annual Meeting
NPN is continuing its collaboration with #NewPlay TV!, a collective media outlet for live events and performances relevant to the new play sector, in order to live stream the Annual Meeting performances. #NewPlay TV! is an interactive TV outlet that streams any discipline of performance in order to advance the conversation around new work. #NewPlay TV! is LIVE, which means like the performance it is a one-time only event, only it reaches a wider national and international audience.  Most recently, #New Play TV! collaborated with the Network of Ensemble Theatres to livestream their Micro-Fest and is working with the Public Theater to livestream Suzan-Lori Parks’ Watch Me Work. 


    FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 @ 7:30PM; Jaeb Theater
    Quiana Frazier & Najah Frazier, Artist Block, Local, Spoken Word/Music
    James Tokley, Local, Spoken Word
    Thaddeus Phillips, PA, Theater: "17 Border Crossings"
    Rebecca Zapen & Grant Peeples, Local, Music
    Kristina Wong, CA, Theater: "Cat Lady"  
    SATURDAY DECEMBER 10 @ 7:30PM; Jaeb Theater
    Baye Kouyate, Local, Music

    Suzanne Willett, Silver Glass Productions, Local, Theater
    Q-Roc, TX, Theater: "the bull-jean stories"
    Andrea Assaf, Art2Action, Local, Multi-Media Performance
    Rosanna Gamson/World Wide, CA, Dance: "Tov"

Who gets to perform and exhibit at the Annual Meeting?
Creation Fund Recipients

Artists who have been co-commissioned by NPN Partners through Creation Fund support over the last three years are considered for the national performances. Additionally, artists are selected on the basis of the following:       
    * Their Creation Fund work has premiered by the end of the previous fiscal year
    * They have never been showcased at a previous Annual Meeting
    * Feedback from NPN Partners and their co-commissioners
    * Feasibility within the capacity of the venue
    * Feasibility within the Annual Meeting budget and NPN contract (ideally 7 pp or less)
    * Tourability within the NPN
    * Diverse representation
    * Quality of work
The selection process includes review of stated criteria, proposals submitted by artists, media and press packs as well as panel’s personal knowledge.

Tampa Showcase Artists
Tampa Showcase Artists are selected by the local host committee, this year consisting of NPN Partner Straz Center for the Performing Arts and Tampa cultural community members. Curatorial criteria include:  readiness to tour, a mix of disciplines, genres, generations, ethnic and cultural representation, as well as the quality of work.

ArtBursts are 5-minute low- or no-tech "pop-up" performances that are selected from the pool of interested registered Artists. Look for ArtBursts throughout the Meeting!
This year’s ArtBursts are:
Charles Anderson,
Mayda Del Valle, Sean Dorsey, Michelle Ellsworth, Bob Devin Jones, and Lenelle Moise

Visual Art Installations
The Visual Artists Network (VAN) is pleased to announce three visual art installations at this year’s Meeting. Presented inside Portable On Demand Storage (PODS) units, the VAN POD Installations are located on Jaeb Plaza at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. PODS Enterprises, Inc. of Pinellas Park, FL has generously donated three PODS for this unique visual arts experience.

Artists who have participated in the VAN program in the past three years and Tampa-based visual artists were invited to submit proposals. Artists were encouraged to propose projects that would best present their work. Participating artists will be engaged under a VAN Exhibition Residency contract and will serve a week-long residency at the Annual Meeting.

Housing is a Human Right - Michael Premo and Rachel Falcone, Brooklyn, NY
Margie Livingston, Seattle, WA
Jono Vaughan, Tampa, FL