Each year during the Annual Meeting, NPN highlights the work of diverse contemporary artists in the US. This year, work is presented via several vehicles: you will see work presented all day on Saturday during the Saturday LIVE! performance festival, as "ArtBursts" presented throughout the entire meeting, screened during the media showcase and described at the "In the Works" session.

Who gets to perform at the meeting?
Artists who have been co-commissioned by NPN Partners through Creation Fund support over the last three years are considered for the national performances. Additionally, artists are selected on the basis of the following: 

  • Their Creation Fund work has premiered by the end of the previous fiscal year
  • They have never been showcased at the Annual Meeting
  • Feedback from co-commissioners
  • Feasibility within the venue and budgetary capacities of the event
  • Tourability
  • Diverse representation

National Artists:

  • Jennylin Duany, FL: "Cabaret Unkempt"
  • Guillermo Gomez Pena, CA: "Mapa-Corpo 2"
  • Miguel Gutierrez, NY: "Retrospective Exhibitionist and Difficult Bodies"
  • Step Africa, DC: "Nxt Step"
  • Keo Wolford, HI: "I Land"

A committee representing the New Orleans’ and LA cultural community nominated Louisiana touring performing artists for panel review. Artist selection was made on the basis of the following:

  • The work is high quality
  • Tourability within the NPN fee structure
  • Diversity of disciplines, genres, cultural and career stage

Louisiana Artists:

  • Patrice Fisher & Arpa, New Orleans
  • Cangelosi Dance Project, Baton Rouge
  • Kumbuka African Drum & Dance Collective, New Orleans
  • Mondo Bizarro, New Orleans
  • Valentine Pierce, New Orleans
  • Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, Lafayette
  • Third Eye Theatre Ensemble, New Orleans