The Cocoon: Youth
Empowerment Program

The Cocoon: Youth Empowerment Program
P.O. Box 56698
New Orleans, LA 70156

Phone: (504) 233.4893

Jalisa Roberts // founder and director

The Cocoon: Youth Empowerment Program is committed to using dance to rebuild community. The Cocoon provides a safe space for our youth to grow into dynamic, informed leaders in their communities and beyond. We provide our students with dance education, peer leadership, and organizing skills. The goal is not just to train dancers, but leaders, who can use their creative abilities to make waves in the world around them.  We give our students cross-cultural opportunities to learn dance forms from around the world. Our students also learn professional choreography skills for presentation. We are dedicated to helping our students identify their professional paths in and beyond the dance world. We are confident that our students will go wherever their passions may lead them.

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