Adeline Edwards Foundation

Adeline Edwards Foundation
3637 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70119


Jana Napoli // president
Ann Kaufman // vice president and director

The Adeline Edwards Foundation is dedicated to supporting the emerging YAYA (Young Aspirations/Young Artists) community of artists and entrepreneurs who have benefited from the program.  Founded by Jana Napoli 25 years ago in New Orleans, YAYA, an after-school arts and professional enrichment program, has set thousands of young people on positive, productive paths.  Today, many of them, in and beyond New Orleans, are pursuing careers in the arts.  The Adeline Edwards Foundation seeks to complement YAYA’s programs by providing resources to assist YAYA artists and alumni in advancing their professional development and fulfilling their personal artistic goals.  The Foundation will fund activities such as university level education, travel, internships, and creative adventures.

Established in 2011 by Jana Napoli, the Adeline Edwards Foundation is the active expression of Ms. Napoli’s belief in the power of art to transform lives.  She was raised in New Orleans by two formidable women — her mother, Ana Napoli, who was Caribbean, and Adeline Edwards, who became her African American mother figure.  The Foundation was created in memory of their spirit and as a way to give back to others the gifts of passion, love and generosity that these women bestowed on her.

Ms. Napoli is an artist who has immersed herself in diverse creative communities throughout the world.  She has lived and worked in Guatemala, Mexico, France, Japan, Poland and many other nations, building a global network of artists with whom she shares common goals and a commitment to social justice.

The Adeline Edwards Foundation
3637 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70119

Jana K. Napoli, President
Ann Kaufman, Vice President/Director

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